How to Grow Winter Kale


Winter Kale

Kale is used in almost everything from salads and soups to smoothies and even healthy baking! You can grow the more cold hardy Winter kale using everything listed below fall, winter and spring. This kale is hardy and loves the cold! You can plant it mid summer to early autumn and harvest it right through fall and winter. If it starts to get really cold, consistently below freezing, it should be brought in doors but kept in a cool spot by a window. You can find full growing instructions under “Products – Seeds - Kale and Collards“.

A sample of some of the items you may need:

  • Winter Blend Kale Seeds
  • UrBin Grower Elite -Or a similar growing container
  • Compost -15L Bag
  • All Purpose Plant Food
  • Stainless Steel Soil Scoop
  • Insecticidal Soap

Our Suggested Products

UrBin Grower Elite: 

This growing kit has everything you need to grow healthy organic veggies in a small space. You actually build your own soil with the components provided in this kit. It provides root aeration, a water-from-below reservoir and just the right amount of space and soil depth to get started. Included in this kit, trace minerals, coir, pumice, vermicompost, soil key and mycorrhizae.


Nutrient rich and organic certified compost.

Gaia Green All Purpose 4-4-4: 

An all organic blend of nutrients that will give your plants the food they need throughout the growing season. Every 3-6 weeks just sprinkle a little on the top of the soil and gently mix in or add another layer of fresh soil to cover. When you water, it will draw the nutrients down.

Soil Scoop: 

Stainless steel and durable, this tool is great to have when planting, filling and moving soil from bag to container.

Safer’s Insecticidal Soap: 

Just as it says, this “soap” product kills bugs without adding toxic chemicals to your garden. Spray the underside of leaves and rub gently with your fingers to get rid of pests like aphids. This product with break down completely in couple weeks so it won’t linger in your garden.



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