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Rebecca Saloustros

Rebecca Saloustros

Rebecca is a writer, editor, teacher and avid gardener who was born and raised in British Columbia. She has degrees in English and education, as well as a journalism certificate. This fall, she is beginning classes in graphic design.

In the course of her writing career, Rebecca has contributed to many print and online publications and co-authored academic texts for a local college, focusing often on ethical eating and health and wellness topics. Since 2011, she has maintained her blog, How Lucky Can Anybody Be?, chronicling her experiences winning and entering contests.

Rebecca grew up watching her mother and grandmother garden and fondly remembers learning how to plant seeds and weed the vegetable patch as a little girl. About ten years ago, she planted her own garden, beginning with a small plot of chocolate mint, chives and sage.  After enjoying these herbs in marinades and salads, she planted a second plot of herbs and began using them in teas, cocktails, and facial masks. With container gardening, Rebecca has had success growing lettuce, green peppers, strawberries and more herbs on her patio.



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