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Marion Gottschlag

Marion Gottschlag

Marion’s love of gardening started over twenty five years ago with an inspired moment in Montreal and a simple flower box on her balcony. It wasn’t long before she was rototilling, planting, nurturing and harvesting a large plot of vegetables with friends in the country. Bit by bit she assimilated and explored the knowledge they shared. One day, after moving west, she found Japanese tourists in her Vancouver yard taking photos of her homemade rock pond, flowers and herbs.  Her most recent garden, full of dappled shade has taught her much about shade plants.  Recently Marion developed a children’s garden for Vancouver Native Health, wrote  and illustrated a children’s book about food for them and volunteered at UBC farms, where she continued to add to her knowledge base. Her appreciation and love for the miracle of growing inspires and grounds her.

Marion has just published her first novel. Sara Days – Top to Bottom Inside Out is available on Amazon.


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