Love the idea of having home grown organic food but don’t know where to start? At FoodGrows we source and test the best products available, enabling you to grow food regardless of your space, lifestyle or experience. Small, shade-filled balcony? Grow a bounty of kale. No balcony at all? Create a wall of living microgreens. Large, sun-soaked yard? A custom designed aquaponics system could feed your whole family. We have researched the newest and best innovations in aquaponics, aeroponics and hydroponics, we have tested the latest soils, fertilizers and amendments; and we provide you with the results from our experts.

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We are all about creating GROW Pros: a network of individuals who can grow their own grocery list.
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Just like you, our grow pros started with passion and enthusiasm; from there, they have cultivated their skills to master the art and science of a successful harvest.

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